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Gulf Coast Marketing Services Specializes in
Affordable and Effective Advertising and Marketing Options
and Event Coordination and Implementation

Where should you advertise to get the most bang for your buck?

As one of Tampa Bay’s premiere advertising agencies we are asked that question often and the options are numerous and vary by business.  Television, radio, cable, newspaper, magazine, billboards, direct mail or flyer distribution and more are all mediums to consider based on the demographics of your customers. Gulf Coast Marketing Services will evaluate and research the best place for your business to advertise in order to get your business optimum results.We create your commercials making sure the right people are targeted to provide your business with the best results.

The big question; how much should I plan to spend for advertising?

What is the answer to how much should I spend on advertising?

According to standard sources, including the Small Business Administration, the magic number is anywhere from 2-10% of your gross sales.  Although this is a very broad range and your business is unique and not like everyone elses.  During your free consultation and after evaluating your advertising needs we can clearly define how much you will need to spend to get results.

Occasionally we are able to negotiate free advertising for our clients.

We also offer:

  • Media Research, Evaluation and Placement
  • Public Relations/Press Releases/Newsletters
  • Event Coordination & Implementation
  • Printing Services
  • Graphic Design

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